Keystroke DNA for Education
Keystroke DNA verifies student identities and prevents online examination fraud in real-time with biometric typing analysis.

Our service works like a virtual proctor to help teachers manage their online classes and remote learning environments.

COVID-19 Assistance
To help schools and universities manage their online and remote learning environments during the current lockdown, we're offering the Keystroke DNA Enterprise tier for free for the next six months.

That's unlimited users and identity verifications for free.

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How it works
We verify student identities by recognizing how they type on their keyboards or touch screens to help maintain the integrity of online examinations.

Our AI creates individually unique biometric profiles of their typing patterns and rhythms starting from just 8 typed characters.

As students provide new typing sequences, these get compared with the profiles to confirm identities in real-time and ensure that the right students are taking their own exams.

Students can just type, for example, their email address or username, or any unique text sequence to be verified before, during, or after online exams.
For university and school administrators
Keystroke DNA also strengthens login security measures as an additional invisible layer of biometric security.

Working with any authentication flow as a 2nd or 3rd authentication factor we analyze how usernames in login forms are typed to provide protection against stolen, lost, and shared access credentials on your networks.

To make integration even easier, we've developed a Shibboleth plug-in specifically for institutions running on this platform.

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